AEL Rule book

This is the official rulebook for the AEL League. All participants areexpected to follow the rules outlined in any leagues or tournaments. If a personviolates a rule, the person or persons can be penalized as described in the rule.League Administration also has the last say in any matter that may not be outlinedin the rulebook to preserve fairness of play. Table Of Contents1. General1.1 - Validity of the Rules1.2 - Rule Changes1.3 - Code of Conduct1.4 - Region / Time Zone1.5 - Punishments1.6 - Prizes1.7 - Entry fees2. In-Game Conduct2.1 - Game Chat2.2 - Pre-game Lobby2.3 - Glitches3. Game Rules3.1…

by Zonkey
September 7, 2020